Feeling Lucky in 2018?

The world’s population will reach 7.6 Billion this year. Yes, there are lots of humans on this earth and despite the abuse our planet is taking, somehow it still sustains life; amazingly. If you are reading this post and live in a developed nation, with easy access to electricity, clean running water, relatively inexpensive and nutritious food, and stable governments you are the ELITE 6% of the all humans.

You automatically qualify for an awesome life, just by being born or being a resident of a developed nation. Nothing else is required from you to live this wonderful life for as long as you want. But yet, we wake up everyday tired, hopeless, stressed, depressed and longing for the lifestyle of those on Instagram.

Being grateful is difficult for anyone surrounding themselves with influences of unrealistic ideals. Striving to improve should always be the goal of humankind, as Buddha has stated, “To stop growing is to die.” Yet, we confuse growing our knowledge and wisdom with the accumulation of ‘likes’ and ‘friends’. The hook of modern apps and tech is to control your time and attention: The more often and longer these apps and sites keep you hooked, the more revenue is generated from ads/usage/commerce. These apps will give you unlimited and free content – but at what cost? There is no filter, you are the filter. You get to decide what to consume, what to expose to your eyes and what to retain in your brain. You are the gatekeeper.

As an ELITE 6%, the power and privilege that comes with this station in life is great. We can choose to squander its gifts or use it to better ourselves and help the other underprivileged 92% better themselves.


Neo B. Concio, Author: “The Millionaire Employee: Simple Steps to Freedom