Why do we procrastinate? Why can’t we take action on things we know will bring us a healthier body and a better life?

Is it because we are lazy? Is it because we lack motivation? Is it because we are comfortable? Is it because of fear? Yes, and no. Yes, we are sometimes lethargic and lack motivation because we are comfortable, and yes, fear plays a large part in our inability to act – but these are only symptoms of the bigger issue. The biggest reason why we don’t act for a better life is because we have no energy to do so. This may sound simplified and frankly disconnected from reality, but it really isn’t. It has been scientifically shown that procrastination occurs because we have nothing within us to push us forward. Like trying to propel a cruise ship in rough waters without any fuel in the tank. We know we need to move in a certain direction, but we have no energy to do so.

What has consumed all our energy? Life. A long day at work, watching TV/Netflix, playing video games, taking care of kids/elderly/sick, exposure to negative news, being around negative people, eating terrible food, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of positive energy/motivation, lack of hope, fear, etc. Yes, all these things and more can suck us dry of any motivation, or energy to perform the things we need to perform to better ourselves.

Not only do these activities consume our time, but more importantly they consume our minds and body. In fact, when your mind is overloaded with noise it has no capacity to think clearly, hence you’re unable to direct your body to act. Remember your actions are dictated by your thoughts. And if your thoughts are cloudy or your mind is distracted and noisy, you have no chance of ever getting off the hamster wheel.

So how does one free their minds? Meditation. Quiet time, even if for 10 minutes every morning and night, this is enough to refocus the mind and goals. Meditation is like anything else, it’s a habit and a process, the more you do it, the better you will become. There is no end goal and no finish line. Performing meditation each day IS the goal – consistently, even when your mind is noisy.

Secondly, simplify your life. Cut out anything and anyone that has negative implications. Get rid of clutter in your home, stop associating with negative friends and family (if possible). Find healthier activities to engage in – instead of playing games or watching videos, try walking or going to the gym. Eat right – this is by far the hardest thing to accomplish. But like anything else, it’s habit forming. Baby steps. Everything becomes easier, that’s the good news. First time is very painful for anything, gets easier and easier and becomes second nature.

Take your first steps today and keep moving forward.


Neo B. Concio, Author: “The Millionaire Employee: Simple Steps to Freedom