How To Be a Proud & Profitable Hustler

We all have to hustle at some point in our lives. Whether is it searching for employment, selling ideas to clients, negotiating the sale of our homes, or convincing colleagues to cooperate. People often have negative associations with hustling and the awkwardness, effort and embarrassment that may go along with this act. However, it doesn’t have to be – if you do it right.

When people think of hustling, they think of the drug dealer, car salesman, or real estate agent. These hustlers often ooze with desperation, tackiness, and oftentimes have hidden agendas. How do we sell ourselves or our services and seem genuine at the same time?

Three things to keep in mind:

  1.  Agenda: Everyone can see through your hidden agenda, it will come out in your body language, words and actions. Make sure your agenda is aligned with your clients. If your agendas do not align, find commonalities in which you both can adjust your expectations to come closer. If your agenda is to seek $100,000 for the contract and your client only has $50,000, you both are too far off. Find ways, such as reducing scope, cutting production costs, or have smaller rollouts with incremental increases. By going through this exercise with your clients, they will feel that you’re working in their best interest and not in your own interest.
  2. Listen: Ask questions, listen, respond. Sounds easy but most of us come into meetings with guns blazing. Talking non-stop about how great we are and boasting about our credentials. There will be time for all that. Firstly, ask your clients what they want, their pain points, their desired outcome. As you listen, you can cater your response and customise your credentials towards your client’s needs, rather than go off for 15 minutes about yourself without any context. The more you listen, the better and more trustful your clients will feel towards you. Be patient, be attentive, and be caring.
  3. Focus: What you focus on will become reality. When you focus on a positive outcome you will likely obtain it. Sounds hairy fairy, but it works. Your clients want you to focus on their needs, and if you focus on their needs while keeping the focus on how you can help them succeed, you will both win. Not suggesting that you drop your own goals to only satisfy your client’s needs. Read point #1 again. Both your client and your own goals should be aligned. It’s a small nuance, but a critical to understand – because it allows you to be genuine and your clients will recognise your authenticity and reward you accordingly.

Hustling doesn’t need to be difficult or awkward. Learn through practice and don’t let a few sour sessions discourage you. You can be great and profit tremendously from being honest, genuine and live with integrity while being an awesome hustler!


Neo B. Concio, Author: “The Millionaire Employee: Simple Steps to Freedom”