Time is more valuable than money

We have all heard of the old adage: “Time is Money.” Although that holds true in some cases, time itself is even more valuable that anything that is material. Time; cannot be created nor destroyed. Time; is equal for everyone and everything on this earth. Whether you are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or a waitress, we all have 24hrs in one day, 12 months in a year, and the number of years on this earth is unknown. We have given time a measurement, but it is infinite and has no beginning or end.

The older we get the more precious time becomes. Like a precious stone, the less of it, the more value we give it. We are only given a fixed amount of time to do what we need and want before it expires. How will we spend it? How can we ‘extend’ our time? How do we ‘give’ our time to those people and activities that deserve it most? We are in charge of our precious time, we have full control over it and how we spend it; is up to us.