{fun}employed; redefined.

According to Dictionary.com:
Adjective: Without a paid job but enjoying the free time:
Ask one of your funemployed friends to come along with you.

Noun, ( used with a plural verb): Funemployed people collectively (usually preceded by the):
Most of the funemployed are under 30.
Back in 2008, when I wrote the book, “Wealthy & FunEmployed” I had a different idea of what “Funemployment” meant. My definition was that despite not having a full-time/part-time employment someone could still live a wonderful life working at something they enjoy. Whether it is contract work, freelance or running their own business; the condition/activity must be enjoyable (“Fun”), and also be generating a ‘livable’ income (“Employment”). At the same time, this condition may appear like ‘unemployment‘ as one is free to dictate their schedules to live a more flexible lifestyle.
I had made up this term in isolation, without learning of its ‘Official’ origin until 2016 when I did more research for my next book: “The Millionaire Employee: Simple Steps to Freedom.”
Thank you to Urbandictionary.com for accepting multiple definitions.