Don’t be Alarmed, There is none.

For most of our lives we have been conditioned to respond to piercing sounds. Like police sirens, smoke detectors, security systems and any other types of alerts. This is a good thing. It means something bad is happening and we need to be aware and react accordingly. These signals jolt our system and gets our adrenaline pumping, prepares us for fight or flight. So when your alarm clock goes off in the morning, your body reacts in the same manner. Shocking your body into high alert and setting your adrenaline into kicking ass mode.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Because if we didn’t wake up in time, we would miss our train and be late for work and loose our job and won’t be able to eat. Thank you Mr. Obvious. But there is a better way. For the past decade, I have been using a new method to start my day and it doesn’t include an alarm clock. It sounds simple and it is, once you change things around you. If you had a life where you have the freedom, flexibility and financial resources to live this way, it is the best way to start your day. Getting to that stage of life is something that takes more explanation. This is where I am going to recommend that you read my book, or any other book that will provide the proper guidance for you to be able to design a life you want.

Waking up to your body’s natural alarm clock is refreshing and peaceful. You have the ability to train yourself to do anything. It takes practice, patience and persistence but well worth the effort.  Once you have accomplished this small feat, you know you have achieved the life you desire. Go for it!