Lonely on Top

The old adage “It’s lonely at the top” should be rephrased to “It’s peaceful at the top”. It is definitely crowed at the bottom as we are consistently fighting for table scraps left by those at the top. We stand in line to buy discounted goods, negotiate every little dollar, and work our butts off to keep up with ongoing bills. It’s part of being alive; so we think.

The top 1-5% think differently. They don’t think about trivial things, they avoid crowds and they can live without employment. They are different from the rest and hence they seem to think, feel and act very oddly to the rest of us.

Yes it can get lonely at the top, because all of your friends and family may have been left behind when you rise above the crowd. But if you care about the people in your life, take them with you. Raise them up and give them a good life as well.