The Human Will

Following @Rio2016 #SummerOlympics2016 this past week and seeing the tremendous human desire to win. There are only 3 podium spots reserved for the best of the best. The trials and tribulations each athlete and their families endure to have a chance to compete once every 4 years while many only once per lifetime. Today we saw two amazing woman shatter the World Hep Record for high jump. Both woman have never successfully cleared this height in major competition but today, in front of the entire world, they achieved their very best.

Most of us will never make it to the Olympics, or even become a world record holder of anything. But the most important thing is to be our personal best – and upping it. Each and every day, we push ourselves to be better than yesterday. If we do this consistently the results will be exponential.

The human will to succeed is unlimited.