Give In…To Your Dreams.

As a child growing up in a blue collar, lower income family and poor neighbourhood I knew nothing about having luxurious dreams. My goals were simple: Have enough to eat and hope that kids at school didn’t laugh at my Salvation Army donated clothes. Everyone around me were poor. We lived in a two bedroom basement apartment for a family of five. Our apartment was next to trash bins inside the building, where cockroaches and mice infested every inch of our home. I can still smell the pesticide that management used to spray on a monthly basis to keep roaches from overtaking the tenants.

I had no dreams. I had no goals. But I had strict, hard working parents and a desire to be better every day. My first memory of a dream was when I watched the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy”. There was a modern glass home and a convertible car shown in that movie that left an impression on me. I wanted those things but was so far from even able to buy a $0.49 bag of chips from the corner store – it just felt impossible.

Today, most of my dreams have become reality. Instead of giving up, I gave in to my dreams. Totally and utterly committed myself to my goals. Even when times got tough, even when things seemed out of reach; I stayed focused, and put one foot in front of the other.