Breaking Free

This picture was taken during a trip with my wife in the Bahamas. We felt so care-free and relaxed. We splurged and went shopping at designer boutiques and thought we were The Trumps. Don’t get me wrong, life was good then, but each year, it has gotten even better.

We were merely pretenders. You see, we weren’t really debt-free or was able to afford any of the things we purchased on this trip. We put everything on credit cards and dealt with it later. The trip lasted 7 days. After those seven wonderful, sunny, alcohol filled days, I was back at work busting my ass to pay off the mortgage, credit cards, cars, and all the other crap we had accumulated.

Being free from financial burden doesn’t mean you need to win the lottery or have inherited billions of dollars. It means living comfortably and being in control of your finances and your own destiny. Thank goodness we have figured it out sooner than later. Breaking out of the normal mindset isn’t easy, especially when the whole world conspires to keep you locked in and thinking like 99% of the population. But it’s liberating to look back and see how far you can go with some self-education and growth. Always move forward.